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Welcome to Lyme Bay Ribs

Lyme Bay Ribs offers RIB Shack Marine partial boat ownership in the areas between Lyme Regis and Poole (including Weymouth & Portland). For further information on RibShack services and how they work please visit  www.ribshackmarine.co.uk.

The founders of the firm have been involved in boating in the area for several years, with a particular focus on rigid inflatables, and have a combination of marine and business skills. Jamie has extensive experience of boat management and maintenance, and is regularly to be seen at work on the Lyme Regis fleet. He has various qualifications including RYA power boating certification and the shore-based yachtmaster. Richard, a finance specialist, is one of the original RIB Shack customers who has seen the service develop from its early days. Together we know the people and places that count.

Why Choose Us?

Lyme Bay Ribs offers a friendly, personal service with excellent local knowledge. Our emphasis is on safe, enjoyable boat sharing with proper training organised locally. We are intimately acquainted with the coast around our location and know the sort of boats, equipment and activities that make sense in what can be a difficult area for launch and retrieval. We give special attention to making the RIB Shack experience good fun, and can introduce customers to many of the experiences this part of the world has to offer, both offshore and onshore. Lastly, we can ensure that the experience of boat ownership is as cost-effective and predictable as possible.

What We Offer

Lyme Bay Ribs provides the full RIB Shack Marine service to customers wishing to use Lyme Regis, Weymouth & Portland or Poole Harbour as their base. These include:

  • Boat provision, checking, maintenance and valeting
  • Full launch and retrieval service to suit customers' schedules
  • On hand advice, route suggestions and support
  • Additional training provision
  • Group activities
  • Upgrades and additional investment
  • Breakdown cover by Sea Start
  • Assistance with boating needs including local accommodation

We are a friendly team whose goal is to encourage safe, economical and enjoyable boat sharing in the Jurassic Coat area.

Call us to talk about boats and other matters now.

Why didn't we do this earlier? It's the only way to own a boat . Turn the key and your off, what's more the wife thinks it's great and the kids continually want to be out on the water it's brilliant.
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